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Well no effing school! I doubt were gonna go to school anymore this week :) Its kinda good AND bad.
Im doing soo good in school...i have a 3.2 :>
I guess all i needed to do was apply myself.
I hate that were outta school bc my boss said "if school is closed, were closed" I was like well shit on that :|
I ordered my new nextel last night! There on back-order? So its no telling when i'll get it. Shannon is buying my i90 from me for like 40.
Poor Brittens family :( They live in Morgan City, im just glad Shena and them are in New Mexico instead of down here.
I hope the storm goes to like..mexico? lol somewhere other than around here..
I mean i think its HILARIOUS how someone can go from happy..to sad...from depressed...to chipper..
I guess they only take their medicine on certain days ;)
Or their faking for attention..?
I think its the 2nd one :">
If I was only friends with people bc they wanted to kick my ass...i would kill myself.
Its sad how some people are :(
Yesterday Summer called me wanting to go to the mall with her, so I said yeah and she came and picked me up.
Well all i have to say is me and Summer think more allike than what I thought :D
.....*what was said in summers car stays there i guess ;)*
Well we get to the mall and its closed...i was like what a biatch!
So we go riding in downtown hammond :)) I dont know why though :P We were riding around by slu..
Then i came home bc she was going to a party last night and i wasnt in the party-hardy mood...
Im going back to sleep
Love yall :X
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