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Well I thought I would write about everything thats going on..
My life is great right now :D Everythings suprisingly going good! I guess I just had to get rid of everything negative..and the negative people.
School is going good, im starting the year off good, im not going to miss any days bc I want to be exempt from my midterms. I make a down payment on my ring tomorrow. Hell yes!
Las night i "thought" my alarm clock was going off so I jumped up, turned on my straightener and brushed my teeth and all that good shit, well I go back in my room and it's 11:19 at night :)) I was like omg? WTF?...What had happened was...My cell phone was ringing and I thought it was my clock :))
Im an IDIOT:">
Well im talking to lauren right now and im probably about to call her..
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