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Yesterday i went shopping in Mandeville, i got a cute American Eagle shit, *its white with yellow glitter and it says ae lol* then i spent like 64 dollars at Victorias Secret, i didnt buy that much either, 2 big bottles of perfue and like 6 pair of undies? Oh well though, its my money :P
I work everyday this week :|
My first phone bill is gonna be like 84...Im really glad i have unlimited 2-way :))...my 2-way number seems longer than everyone elses :-/ 146*131913*22 ...maybe its just me lol
Somethings wrong with my phone. I have to bring it to nextel today and see what the fork is going on with it :|
I work by myself tonight :| ugh, i HATE working by myself :( its so boring.
I HATE the month of July :|

Love, Me :X
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