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Yesterday at work this girl from Hibbett came in and we got into a conversation and she was like do u go out around here? I was like are you talkin about here in the mall? She was lke no im talking about out-out..Im like ohh yeaaaahhh :P
Anywhoot she invited me to go to some bars with her and her friends Saturday night after work :P
She said even though im not 18...she said without a doubt, she knows she can get me in where-ever we go..
She said were all gonna go to some party first?
I dont know imma call her tomorrow to find out details..
Uhh...Tasha said her nextel should come in today...*im buying hers* :"> I found 3 new cover-thingys on ebay...and im getting them :D lol
I know how to make the blinky incons on Adobe Image-ready,..but my computer is being gay and isnt saving all the layer thingys :|
Love yall :*
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