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I dont know why im listening to this gay song? But whatever..
Yeah im excited I got Senior Favorites :"> I got it with my ex..its weird..it doesnt seem like we dated..but it was back then in like 4th grade then in jr. high..lol..hes cool though..
I was actually tied for two things but had to choose one..
Lauren called me last night but i didnt answer because i was so tired..i'll call her today...She probably heard someone in Holden was talking about her and wants to ask me about it..(Im the only person she calls for that info.)
Everyones going to the 13th Gate Friday night...We all went last year..I think it was last year? Anyways they invited me to go but i dont think you can go to things like that when your pregnant? Besides When i went last time the people infront of us were pissing me off bc Bloody Mary was getting up off of the bed and everyone was walking slow..the "train" like to have given me a heart attack..and I thought i was going to tear the back of my clothes from walking against the wall in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre room..
I hate how people lie about the dumbest stuff..i was reading some stuff on here and i cant believe how artificial people can be..
Oh well im going to finish my layout in yearbook. :)
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