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These last few days have been real good..
It started when he came to see me at work Friday..he ended up staying from 10:45 till 11:50 when i clocked out..we sat and talked for a few minutes then i went home..
Saturday i woke up and i washed some clothes..went and tanned and came home until work.. I called him on my break..and he told me to come over afterwards..
Mandi and Brittney came to work at closing bc they wanted me to go out with them..they said they dont have as much fun when im not there :">
I ended up staying with him and i was ALMOST late for work Sunday morning.. ;)
I was bored and daydreaming at work when all of the sudden this 14-ish year old boy was walking and a girl came up behind him and pulled his pants down!! I was like OH MY GOD!! Mr. John was laughing bc he saw it too..I was like Mr. John i am NOT bringing them their order :))
After work i went home and took a shower and went to the apartment..he called me then i went over there :"> Im going to skip to this morning bc i dont tell any secrets ;)
...Though i was almost late for school lol..even though i woke up on time and he does live like 10 minutes away ;)
i talked to Brandi and she came out for breakfast with us at my work when we got out of school..
Now im home..and ready waiting on Brandi bc we have to go to LSU to do some shit..then to the mall to spend daddys money
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