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This week was good bc i spent it with raven..who is soo unlucky ;) lol
We ended up going to Biloxi on a small vacation..
We found our hotel and it WASNT by the beach :| and there was only ONE bed. :| So we went to the front desk and complained then left..We ended up staying at the Lucky Inn. Once we checked in we did the usual swam, went for a walk, rode around..
I had to keep walking outside bc we didnt get any service in the room so by like the 3rd time i walked outside i had a damn fan club..lol..they would see me walk towards the car and they would all walk out of their room :)).. :|
sunday morning when i woke up i was pissed off! the people next to us were loud at 6-in the morning..Well..It first started when i got like 2 messages on my phone..that woke me up then the people next to us started with their loud asses and by like 7 i was wide awake!
We went shopping and went to the beach..I had tons of fun :)
Im still so tired though..
I popped my toe out of place this morning :| go me!
I guess i'll go watch Napoleon Dynamite again..and take a nap.
I love raven..

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