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Holy shit! Its public!

This weekend my daddy was out of town :> Oh yes!
I cant remember if i did anything friday lol..thats pretty bad.
Wait..Yes i went out Friday.
Saturday i got up early and me, shena, and britten went shopping. She was gonna buy me something but i was shopped out. Ive been shopping every weekend, i need to give it a break :P. I did get a shirt from Gadzooks...It says "Mary Is My Homegirl" I think its cute bc yes i DO know a girl named Mary. And yes..shes my 6th hour homegirl :)
I got the cutest jacket from Wet Seal, It says "i was going to conquer the world, but i got distracted by something sparkly" LOL! Is that me or what? lol
Well I brought Shena and Britten and the baby to the Nola airport :( They'll be back for my b-day..well they'll be back in like 2 weeks :))
I cant wait! Its gonna be fun :">
Britten gave me Mike Jones phone number...I called it :))
Mike Jones is the shit! lol
Well im leaving for work
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