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I cant wait for the weekend :) Were all going to the river...*ugh..like old times:">* Its gonna be soo much fun :)
Today and tomorrow me and Tasha work together.
We put in applications at other places...we were pissed yesterday..
I got my nextel...yay :D ..My 2-way number is so long i wont ever be able to remember it :|
Heather 2-wayed me last night and she wouldnt tell me who she was ad i was like ok HEATHER! she was like how did you know? lol i was like bc i gave Tasha my 2-way number lol
I got the cutest pants from Dillards yesterday before work :">
I was going through my box of notes last night... :(
I found some letters Nicky wrote me...Nicky was my best friend during Jr. High...i mean everyone wanted a friendship like ours...If I wasnt at Nickys, she was at my house, or we were at the mall. lol
I was reading something she wrote me around the time Sid died
"I know everything is just upseting right now, but in time it will get all better. Im here forever to help you get through the times you dont want to get through on your own."
Its hard to just watch your best friend, your other half, move like 5 states away :|..I remember just crying my eyes out that day...and when she brought me to my house i looked at her I was like so is this it? Is this what our 3 1/2 years of friendship is leading to. And me and Nicky cried for like 15 minutes just hugging. Its different knowing one of your best friends have died, but when they move away its just like...different
I miss the days with Nicky :(
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