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Im Loving Angels Instead :">

Well this weekend i did what ive been doing-working :)
I had fun though :P
Im getting my nextel hooked up this week *yAy*
At work we had water and ice cream fights...it was fun :"> I love working with Sharina and Brittany...and Tasha too :">
Yesterday this hott guy was hitting on me with his girlfriend *i guess it was his girlfriend* right by him...I was like LORDY!..
Guys are such losers...I mean they tell you one thing, and mean another..Its like they throw you a complete curve just...for fun?
UGH :| Guys suck
Yesterday morning before work i went to Dillards to just go look and I saw the cutest purse. My next paycheck is going to a 140.00 Dooney & Bourkes white multi-color purse :">. It was soo love when i saw it :P..lol
Shena is goin to where-ever Britten lives because Wednesday is his birthday..they are still dating, its soo cute :P. They dated 3 years ago and something just clicked with them again :)
I need to give my dad my paycheck so he can cash it..

Love, Me :*
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